Joining the BSCA means accessing a network of hundreds of medical professionals across the UK sharing an interest in contact dermatitis. We have regular educational meetings and biennial update courses. We publish BSCA recommended baseline and specialist allergen series.

You can also support our work trialling of ‘new’ allergens as part of our audit group as well as keeping our site up to date with patient information leaflets.

We have a vibrant clinical forum: we would encourage you to log-on to link with other members, post questions and discuss cases with colleagues: ideal for those tricky cases or hard to explain results.

Membership of the BSCA is open to appropriately qualified medical and nursing professionals working in the field of cutaneous allergy. Applicants will need 2 proposers as defined in our constitution. Please review this for these and other details

The annual membership fee of £35 is collected by the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) on behalf of the BSCA.

Quote from a positive member “As a nurse BSCA membership has allowed me to meet other medical professionals and specialists. Their training courses have provided me with the latest contact dermatitis knowledge to help patients manage their skin complaints. I’ve learnt about patch testing and other techniques which I feel more confident to discuss with patients in my care and print off patient sheets from the website.”

Please apply via the new BAD web portal:

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