BSCA Recommended Series

The British Society for Cutaneous Allergy (BSCA) is dedicated to advancing the understanding and treatment of contact dermatitis. Our BSCA Series are designed for healthcare professionals, especially dermatologists, to help diagnose and manage contact dermatitis in their patients.

The BSCA recommended series is evidence-based, the other series are undergoing evaluation but represent the consensus view of the BSCA committee as the most likely allergens, outside the baseline series, to yield additional relevant positive reactions.

It is strongly recommended to test these series in addition to the baseline series and samples of the patients own products appropriately diluted.

BSCA Patch Testing Series

Updated June 2024.

  • BSCA Baseline series: Our core testing series, based on rigorous evidence, designed to identify common allergens.
  • BSCA Fragrance series: Focused on identifying allergic reactions to common fragrances.
  • BSCA Facial series: Tailored for allergens commonly found in facial products.
  • BSCA Corticosteroid series: Identifies allergies to common steroid creams and ointments.
  • BSCA Medicament series: For pinpointing allergies to common medications applied to the skin.
  • BSCA Hair series: Focuses on allergens found in hair care products.
  • BSCA Photopatch series: Identifies allergies triggered by light exposure.
  • BSCA Shoe series: Targets allergens found in footwear materials.
  • BSCA Methylacrylate series: For allergies related to acrylic nails and other similar products.
  • BSCA Rubber series: Identifies allergies to components of rubber products.

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