Robert Prosser White

Dr Robert Prosser White 1855-1934

Robert Prosser White was a General Practitioner, Physician and Dermatologist who practised in the Royal Albert Infirmary, Wigan from 1885 almost until the time of his death in 1934. He founded the skin department at Wigan Infirmary. He was president of the London Dermatological Society, Manchester Medical Society and the Certifying Factory Surgeons’ Association. In his spare time, he had a great interest in education, art, music and poetry and founded a number of funds for medical education, overseas study and parish music. His area of particular interest was occupational dermatology. He was the certifying factory surgeon for the Wigan area and authored probably the first occupational dermatology text ‘Occupational Affections of the Skin’. He lectured widely in Europe and the US on occupational skin disease and was associate editor of the Journal of Industrial Hygiene.