The BSCA has several awards. Travel application form at the bottom of this page.

Prosser-White Oration

An invited lecture delivered at the Annual General Meeting, named in honour of the founding father of British Occupational Dermatology, Robert Prosser White.

BSCA Best SpR Presentation of an original communication at the BAD Annual General Meeting.

Winner 2023:

Dr. Siwaporn Hiranput. Are “hypoallergenic” personal care products truly safe?

Previous Winners: 
2022: Dr. Sophie Rolls: The ‘extended’ facial series audit: recommendation to include shellac and sodium benzoate in the British Society of Cutaneous Allergy Facial Series”

2021: Dr Isha Narang: Cutaneous reactions to glucose sensors: is the problem stuck with us?’

2020: Joint winners Dr S (Sanju) Arianayagam & Dr S (Sarah) Morrow
2019: Dr M Fitzgerald
2018: Dr L Ali
2017: Dr S A Chan
2016: Dr A Spencer
2015: Dr Z Venables
2014: Dr J Simpson
2013: Dr R Urwin
2012: Dr A Lloyd-Lavery
2011: Dr A Lowney
2010: Dr M O’Connell
2009: Dr K Bilcha
2008: Dr M Kaur
2007: Dr A Hafajee
2006: Dr M Malik
2005: Dr K Watson

BSCA Best Poster Presentation at the BAD Annual General Meeting

Winner 2023:

Dr. Christiana Stavrou: Patch testing in vulval dermatoses

Previous Winners:

2022: Dr. Lisa Kiely: Determining the spectral response of positive patch test results with the view of developing a multispectral imaging camera to improve the accuracy of virtual patch testing”

2021: S Butt ‘Hand care: it’s time to take the gloves off’
2020: Dr Y (Yasmin) Khan
2019: Dr S Morrow

Barry Statham Award

Named in honour of our recently deceased colleague, Barry Statham, this award is given to SAS doctors and SpRs to attend meetings of the European Contact Dermatitis Society or American Contact Dermatitis Society. The award is at the discretion of the committee.

Barry Statham applications form (apply in writing to the treasurer at least 3 months in advance of the proposed travel):