The current committee is:

President: Graham Johnston
Secretary: Natalie Stone
Meetings Secretary: Donna Thompson
Website & Membership Secretary: Catherine Holden
Treasurer: Christine Reckling

Regional representation:
London and South East: John McFadden, David Orton, Sarah Wakelin
East Midlands and East: Graham Johnston
North East, Yorkshire and Humber: Philippa Cousen, Mark Wilkinson
North West: Jason Williams
West Midlands: Donna Thompson
South West and South Central: Jane Sansom, Deirdre Buckley
Wales: Natalie Stone, Mabs Chowdhury
Ireland: Johnny Bourke
Scotland: Chandra Bertram, Cathy Green

BSCA representative on the European Society of Contact Dermatitis (ESCD) committee: Piu Banerjee

New Consultant Representative: Siobhan MacCarthy

Specialty and Associate Specialist Representative: Catherine Holden

Trainee Representative: Livia Soriano


Members: Chandra Bertram, Johnny Bourke, Deirdre Buckley, Mabs Chowdhury, Philippa Cousen, Cathy Green, Catherine Holden, Graham Johnston, Siobhan McCarthy, John McFadden, David Orton, Christine Reckling, Jane Sansom, Livia Soriano, Natalie Stone, Donna Thompson, Sarah Wakelin, Mark Wilkinson, Jason Williams

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Updated: 16/11/21