BSCA Update Meeting 29th- 30th September 2023: Registration Open on the BAD websie

18 July 2023

On behalf of the British Society for Cutaneous Allergy (BSCA), we would like to welcome you to the Biennial Contact Dermatitis Update Meeting 2023.

We are pleased to be back to the in-person meeting format, and trust you will find the programme interesting and informative, and the time spent with colleagues at Crewe Hall Hotel both educational and enjoyable.

This year we have been fortunate to secure sponsorship from several pharmaceutical companies and we would like to encourage you to visit the exhibition stands.

The registration desk will be manned throughout the meeting, so please do not hesitate to stop by if there is anything we can do for you.

This meeting is a biennial update attracting 9 CPD points. Full registration for this 2-day programme includes accommodation and dinner on Friday 29th September 2023. For more information, please visit the event website via the BAD  events page, and by clicking on “Register for event”.


BAD news release: consumer warning on “hypoallergenic” products

27 June 2023

This study was released at the British Association of Dermatology Annual Meeting today, presented at the BSCA special interests group meeting.

Quoting from Prof Mabs Chowdhury, BAD president in this article:

”Its important that consumers are aware that is not not unusual for products labelled as hypoallergenic to contain common allergens”.

The study found more that 30% of personal care products, of those reviewed, marketed as “hypoallergenic” contained one or more potential allergen from the BSCA standard series, or ingredients that may cross react with them.


AGM of the British Society of Cutaneous Allergy at the BAD 27/6/23

27 June 2023

Following supportive votes:

We are pleased to welcome Dr Sharizan Abdul Ghaffar, elected as one of the Scottish Representatives on the BSCA committee. We are very grateful to Cathy Green for all her work as a Scottish Representative and for all her additional contributions.

The motion to amend the constitution in that the committee will include a Post Graduate Doctor Representative and a Research and Audit representative was approved.

Annual General Meeting of the BSCA Tuesday 27th June at the ICC Liverpool

5 June 2023

Notice is given of the  Annual General Meeting of the BSCA on the morning of Tuesday 27th June at the ICC Liverpool


          President’s update

          Officers’ updates

          Committee changes

The officers and members of the Committee will be re elected at the Annual General Meeting.

A nomination has been received for a Scotland Representative from Dr Cathy Green and seconded by Dr Chandra Bertram for

Dr Sharizan Ghaffar to become one of the two Scottish regional  representatives on the BSCA committee commencing after the Summer AGM 2023

         Proposals for alteration of the Constitution at the BSCA AGM June 2023

Alterations of the constitution can only occur at an Annual General Meeting.

Notice of the proposals below by Dr G A Johnston and duly seconded by Dr D Buckley have been sent to the Committee Secretary Dr P Cousen two months before the meeting and are now circulated with the notice of that meeting one month before the meeting.

For adoption, a two-thirds majority of those voting will be necessary.

Proposal one

“There will be a Committee consisting of a President, Committee Secretary, Meetings Secretary, Treasurer “

Is changed to

“There will be a Committee consisting of a President, Committee Secretary, Meetings Secretary, Treasurer, Membership and Website Secretary and a New Consultant Representative, a Specialty and Associate Specialist Representative, a Post Graduate Doctor Representative and a Research and Audit representative  “




Current Committee:

Graham Johnston
Pippa Cousen
Website & Membership Secretary: 
Catherine Holden
Sarah Wakelin

Meetings Secretary:
Donna Thompson

BSCA representative on the European Society of Contact Dermatitis (ESCD) committee
Dierdre Buckley

New Consultant Representative 
Siobhan MacCarthy

Specialty and Associate Specialist Representative

Catherine Holden

Trainee Representative

Livia Soriano


Regional representation:

London and South East:
John McFadden
David Orton
Sarah Wakelin

East Midlands and East:
Graham Johnston

North East, Yorkshire and Humber: 
Philippa Cousen
Mark Wilkinson

North West:
Jason Williams

West Midlands:
Donna Thompson

South West and South Central:
Aparna Sinha
Deirdre Buckley

Natalie Stone
Mabs Chowdhury

Johnny Bourke

Chandra Bertram
Cathy Green

British Society of Cutaneous Allergy Update Course Friday 29th to Saturday 30th September 2023

2 June 2023

British Society of Cutaneous Allergy Update Course Friday 29th to Saturday 30th September 2023.

We are delighted to announce that the biennial Update Course is in the final stages of preparation.

It is at Crewe Hall Hotel, a lovely venue: do look it up!

To express interest, please email the BAD Conference and Events Team,

The final program is due to be confirmed

The BAD conference team will administer registration, so please contact them directly, and look out for updates on the BAD events page too.

There will be a discount for members, so it is a great opportunity to encourage your colleagues to apply for membership

Vacancy arising for a Scottish Representative on the BSCA Committee

6 May 2023

The BSCA would like to announce that in October 2023 Cathy Green will be stepping down from the role as one of the two Scottish Representatives on the BSCA committee.

We thank her for her invaluable contribution to the BSCA.

Sharizan Abdul Ghaffar has been proposed as a successor, to be voted on at the AGM June 2023.

Any other expressions of interest with 2 proposers, who are Sottish members of the BSCA should be forwarded to the president of the BSCA

Proposal to formalise the position of audit and publications lead for the BSCA

6 May 2023

We are indebted to Deirdre Buckley for her sterling work and huge contribution to audit and publications for the BSCA committee. It is proposed a change in the constitution to reflect this, and formalise this role, to be voted on at the AGM June 2023.

Open Access to BSCA allergen PILs in standard series – plus addition of tocopherol and octocrylene in facial series

17 April 2023

The BSCA is pleased to announce that their patient information leaflets on the allergens in the standard series is now open access to anyone viewing the website.

We would encourage you to not only continue to use the PILs but to please let your colleagues and trainees who are not members know they can access the standard series. Do encourage them to apply to join us to access the remainder: PILs for the facial and medicament series remain  accessible for members only.

With thanks to Phillipa Cousens and colleagues for designing a PIL for octocrylene and tocopherol, now uploaded in the facial series PILs.



Dermatologists reiterate artificial nails warning and risk of at-home kits

15 April 2023

Dr Deirdre Buckley on behalf of the British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) on BBC Breakfast,  and a radio broadcast 13/4/23 , and news article reiterated its warning regarding allergic reactions linked to artificial nails following a number of high-profile reports. The BAD first issued a warning about these products in 2018, following reports of a steep rise in cases of allergic skin reactions linked to (meth)acrylate chemicals in these products.

Here is the BAD link.

on BBC iplayer: 8.59 am 13/4/23


90% Discount on Contact Dermatitis

6 April 2023

Dear colleagues who are ESCD members:

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Best wishes