CTPA Ingredient Labelling Help

The CTPA has produced an ingredient labelling help note for dermatologists. This note explains the standardisation of cosmetic ingredient (INCI) labelling, with further detail specifically on hair colorants, fragrance allergens and methylisothiazolinone (MIT). The note enables dermatologists to inform their patients what ingredient names to look for on-pack and avoid if diagnosed as allergic to them.

Tables of INCI names of ingredients which are more commonly associated with sensitisation are provided, along with the chemical names and some trade names of the ingredients.

The INCI names of nut-derived ingredients and the INCI names of the 26 fragrance allergens which must be labelled on the product packaging if present above a certain threshold, have also been provided.

The Ingredient Labelling Help Note for Dermatologists may be found under the Ingredient Labelling section on the CTPA website.

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